Emily’s Story

My name is Emily, I’m a sidewalk counsellor, and this is my story.

The woman was already crying when she got out of the car. The car left as soon as she closed the door. I wished her a happy Friday and explained that I was offering help to anyone facing a crisis pregnancy.

She sat down and we began talking. She told me she was 9 weeks pregnant and I showed her a model the same size as her child. She asked to hold it and she kept holding it as we talked. I suggested we go get a coffee to talk more, but she wanted to stay where we were because she didn’t want people seeing her.

She told me that the father of the child had left her. He had cut all contact, left her alone, and under the pressures of study.

At this moment, an employee came out of the clinic and began shouting that she was going to call the police. She marched up to us and ripped the models and information about pregnancy support from the woman’s hands and threw them on the ground.

The staff member then grabbed the woman’s arms, pulled her to her feet and marched her into the clinic. It broke my heart as the woman had only just stopped crying. She was scared and vulnerable when the clinic worker started shouting at her and physically seized hold of her.

#WeSupportWomen #NoToCensorship

[Note: This testimony uses a pseudonym and stock image to preserve the identity of the woman involved.]

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