Bethany’s Story

My name is Bethany, I’m a nineteen year old student, and this is my story.

Early on Friday mornings, I travel to the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Westmead. Here, I stand on the footpath outside the clinic, wishing passers-by a happy Friday and giving them a warm smile! After a few weeks I began to recognise the regulars, and they know me and wish me a happy Friday in return. In my hand I carry some pamphlets, with the numbers of counsellors and doctors willing to provide free pre- and post-natal care. Sometimes this strikes up conversation about pregnancy, why I am there, and what I do. So what do I do, and why am I there?

Ultimately I am a woman, hoping to help women. I have witnessed many women enter the abortion clinic, and I know that too many are not going in of their own accord. Often there is someone, a partner or parent, physically pushing them along. Sometimes they’re even crying as they enter. These are not happy, empowered women! There is a serious lack of love and care for these beautiful women in crisis pregnancy situations. And so I stand there with my pamphlets in hand; just a sister wanting to help in whatever way possible. I don’t want to see any woman have to go endure the pain of an abortion if they don’t want to have one.

How can we claim to be pro-women if we don’t stand by them in their time of need? How can a woman truly choose if she thinks the only option to her situation is an abortion?

#WeSupportWomen #NoToCensorship

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  1. Julie James - Reply

    Thanks Beth any for your courage. I was once abused by a woman before she entered a so called clinic in North Sydney. II told her that we cared for her and her baby. Then she said she was about to have her baby with Down Syndrome aborted. I told her that my son with Down syndrome was the favourite of all my kids and he was their favourite sibling.
    She stopped her abusive language and told me that she also had breast cancer.
    I assured her of our support but she was then pulled through the door by the man who was accompanying her.
    About 10 minutes later she came outside to us, full of joy and unaccompanied. She told us we could go home. She said that the staff inside were evil and all they wanted was her money.
    I have never been contacted by her after giving her a phone number for support.
    I wonder what would have been the outcome had I not been bothered to go that day.

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